15 years ago, Mr. Mbai was hailed as the most patriotic son of the Gambia. He was the hero and the mouthpiece of the struggle against dictatorship. Gambians were very happy when Mr. Mbai hailed heavy negative criticism against the Jammeh’s brutal regime and some were even happier when he insulted Yaya Jammeh specially after the later forcefully paraded his parents on GRTS to disown their son. That did not distract or stop Mr. Pa Mbai to continue the fight to the delight of those that govern us today. What has changed since then?

The Jammeh surrogates equally put up a fight against the freedom newspaper crew and Pa Ndery Mbai calling him all the imaginable names of this world to discredit him to no avail as truth will always triumph over lies. Those that govern us today used to be on freedom radio corroborating the freedom editorial line and further exposing Yaya Jammeh’s criminal regime at all angles. They were accorded a free press to speak to the world when the press at home was closed to them. They spoke to the world leaders and organizations about how bad Jammeh’s regime is and how brutal it was against the Gambian citizenry. All of us clapped and approved. What has changed since then?

Those vying for power in December 2016 are today the ones governing the Gambia. The Gambia today is certainly different from the Gambia yesterday. Yesterday it was a group soldiers who took up guns and toppled a legitimate government of the PPP. Today after 22 years of seizure of our basic human rights it is the masses of the Gambian voters that mobilized themselves to democratically vote out a rogue and brutal regime that made no distinction between tribe, religion or profession. Every sector of Gambian society was affected by Yaya Jammeh’s regime that did not spare his own tribesmen, friends and enablers sending them six feet deep, to the NIA dungeons and to the Miles 2 prisons. Who was public enemy number one then? Of course it was not Pa Ndery Mbai. All of us agreed that Yaya Jammeh needed to go by all means necessary and thank GOD our voting cards did the job. What has changed since then?

When Gambians were fighting Jammeh, they were fighting against a SYSTEM of governance. Gambians fought against a system and not Yaya Jammeh per se. Yaya Jammeh represented a system aided by many people to entrench the system of governance. Should we now stop fighting a bad system of government simply because new leaders have been voted in to take the mantle of leadership? The answer is resounding NO. We the people who fought against this system will continue to monitor our government to make sure the same system of governance is not perpetuated in the third republic. Otherwise removing the old system to replace it an equally bad system under democratic undercoat was of no use. This system of governance was why Pa Ndery Mbai lost his sleep, it was the same reason why all of all lost our sleep and take up the national fight to END the system. What has changed since then? I will now leave the answer to the reader.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you Pa Ndery Mbai.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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