I agree with you  that the path you have taken to run our government will lead to the overthrow of your administration because this was not the change we fought for. We in the diaspora have watched the Barrow administration replicate the very nepotism, favoritism, lack of transparency and arrogance of the Jammeh government that we all fought. I am to tell you that politics of yesterday will not be allowed in the Gambia ever again. We have not seen encouraging signals from the executive. All we’ve  seen this far is that some animals are more equal than others.

If I don’t know anyone within the transitional government executive I guess am not considered a  Gambian. We could not even get answers to basic things that need to be in the public space. Am not sure if we even have a government of the people, the only things that have happened this far is the power flexing by one or two ministers that we have not heard from the president that we elected.

We are 90 days into the new Gambia, please tell us the direction you are taking our motherland. What happened to the think tank, to the partnership with the diaspora, transparency of the government, truth and reconciliation, making the economy work for all Gambians, 

Let me say that being in office is not about what you can get out of government but what you can give your country we Gambians have suffered enough that our patients is thin, all members of the coalition have been seeking to be in power for a long time. we have not seen that this government is serious about tackling urgent public issues , but instead we have seen over and over moves being made by a few to short circuit our Constitution.  
In conclusion, my unsolicited advice see what you are doing wrong and fix it . Gambians just want to see that this government is for its citizens and not just for friends and family .
Forward ever, backward never.
Written By Modou Cham 
Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. Thanks for your attention. 
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