Bass rebuffs ‘opportunist’ Rambo Jatta’s tribal comments

By Alagie Manneh

Controversial politician Basiru Gassama, has described as the ‘biggest lie and unfounded allegation’ he has ever heard comments made by former Permanent Secretary at State House Ousman Rambo Jatta at a political rally in Bakau Sanchaba.

The APRC lost last year’s December elections to the Coalition alliance as Gambians voted for an end to Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year-one-man-rule, but surrogate Rambo Jatta believes they have decided for “tribalism, blackout” and for “lack of water.”

Censoring Rambo’s grim remarks, an angry Bass said: “Rambo is an opportunist. He used to be one of the most hostile opposition you will ever find to Jammeh. It is money and position that took Rambo to APRC. He met us there. That is why we must teach him how politics is done.”

“His comments that we Gambians voted for tribalism is misleading and complete false. In fact, it is the most unfounded allegation I have ever heard. I am a Mandinka and I have followed Yahya Jammeh, a Jola, for 22 good years until the will of Allah. If at all they think that Yahya Jammeh will be back here, I am informing them that will never happen. We have exiled our ex-President by taking the barrel of the gun,” he said.

Mr Jatta was also quoted as saying ex-President Jammeh was one of the best leaders to have ever emerged in the Gambia.

“It is now Mr Jatta is saying that,” Bass went on, “but before he was the biggest critic against Yahya Jammeh. How many prisons throughout the country they were keeping him? Maybe he was just saying what suits him.” 

Mr Jatta also pointed fingers at a certain family in Bakau, who he claimed was behind his incarceration in 2006. But Bass said his jailing was down to his own actions.

“His actions, his brutal actions, his arrogance and insulting actions in politics, that is why he fall in in the trap of Jammeh. Everybody knows who Jatta is, his arrogance.”

Mr Bass said Rambo should keep quiet or join the majority, like he did when he cross-carpeted to the APRC.

“He is now opposition, but we the people of Bakau will never be dragged into his foolishness. And come on the 6, Assan Touray will have victory over Kumba Barry, somebody whose secondary school education did not even finish. Her relation with the community here, we all know it.”

The outspoken politician also used the occasion to esquire about what he called the “remnants of the seven cows the former President brought here. I am asking him. I don’t need those cows. I don’t need the meat, because I have D5 and I can go and buy Bonka.”  

He further criticized Rambo, who said the December election was one of the most fraudulent elections he has ever seen, saying: “This is the biggest lie I have ever heard because this is the most transparent election I have ever seen.”  

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