Gambia’s National Assembly elections campaign is getting messy. Former ruling APRC supporters and officials are using the trail to issue damning accusations against the Barrow presidency. Gambian president Adama Barrow, has been accused of sacrificing his biological son for ritual purposes just to ascend into the presidency. The accusations were made by one Ebrima Jammeh, who was addressing a sizable APRC crowd.

“Adama Barrow, was fooled to leave the country in the wake of the political impasse. It was while in Senegal, he was advised to sacrifice his son for ritual purposes so that he can ascend into the presidency. They have been saying that HE Jammeh used to kill people for ritual purposes. Adama Barrow sacrificed his son just to become president. His son was buried with a black piece of cloth, which is against the dictates of our religion. In addition to that, Adama Barrow doesn’t have the decency to pay respect to his late son upon his return from Senegal. He never visited his son’s grave to pray for him,” Ebrima Jammeh alleged.

A rambling Ebrima Jammeh challenged the Barrow presidency to contradict his claims. He alleged that he was recently invited by Barrow’s wife, the First Lady, who allegedly promised to sponsor him to study in Canada, provided that he will leave the Barrows alone.

He accused Barrow’s wife of smuggling D75 million recently during a trip to Senegal. He said Barrow’s wife allegedly hide under the disguise of attending a function in Senegal, when in his own words she was there to transport some cash amounting to over D75 million dalasi. He also said Barrow’s Ministers received huge amount of money while in Senegal.

Mr. Jammeh’s allegations could not be verified. The Barrow presidency is yet to react to his wild allegations.

The meeting was characterized by allegations upon allegations. Mr. Jammeh also claimed that the “backway” boys were sold by the Barrow administration. He said the boys would be deported on the 19th of April.  He even challenged Information Minister DA Jawo to contradict his claims.

Ebrima Jammeh also praised dictator Jammeh for making university education accessible to Gambians. He said thanks to Jammeh the nation is blessed with so many degree holders in academic disciplines.

“We Gambian youths we will die for HE. We are ready to die for Yahya Jammeh. The last time they called me asking me to stop talking; I told them if the Mai Fatty and Darboe did not quit alleging that  Jammeh left the country with money, I will continue to expose the regime. I am ready for anything,” he said adding that Gambians should vote for the APRC candidates. 

President Barrow, and his family could not be reached for comment on Ebrima Jammeh’s accusation of corruption and human sacrificing for ritual purposes.

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