Security of our beloved country is non-negotiable, given the depth of how Jammeh controlled the security services. The mere thought of an inch of Gambian soil being under the control of any one other than our security forces is beyond  scary. The sacred duty of any government is to defend it’s people and borders. It beyond belief  that a rag tag rebel force from cassamance would be given the space to exist in the Gambia. Conventional wisdom dictate that bullies and thugs respect only force.

We Gambians want to see our government have the will to show any vigilante group that there can only be one government at a time. This is as I recall the second incident involving villagers at Kanilai, and now cassamance rebels, the next would be remnants of Jammeh force launching a  rebel movement to take power. Question to the minister of interior where are the security services , given what we know about what Jammeh stole from Gambians why are all of his properties not secured by the state given we have an interest to recover what we can. This is one classic reason to have all hands on deck that the center can hold for the common good.  No individual has all the  answers. 

A divided coalition does not help Gambia  or it’s people’s. We need to be singing the same song or we may not have a country for a long . There are many well meaning Gambians at home this hour who are experienced and knowledgeable that can help steady the ship to calm waters. We all have to agree the we have our limitations as failure is not an option .let us be remembered for the sacrifices we made for country . 

If borrow is to take anything from jammeh is to secure the country .
Forward ever backward never. 
Written By Modou Cham 
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