A new batch of Gambian “backway” boys from Libya, are expected to arrive in Banjul today, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The stranded Gambians migrants are returning home voluntarily. They have sleeping slums during their stay in Libya. Some were imprisoned.

The Gambian government is facilitating the airlifting of the “backway” boys in Libya. The Ministry of Interior, has been playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the migrants are reunited with their families.

The plane carrying the Gambian migrants is expected to land at the airport this evening. Our reporter on the ground said plans are afoot to receive the migrants at the airport by their families.

In another development, the Director of Public Prosecution at the Ministry of Justice, has returned to his native country, Nigeria. Mr. Bakum, contributed towards the jailing of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe co. He was assigned to oversee the prosecution of Darboe and co. He has since left the country. 

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