From 1994 to 2016, a handful of Gambians have paid the ultimate price in an attempt to salvage the country from what could be a 21th century enslavement. Gambians from almost all works of life have joined the bandwagon to seek a lasting imprint that will make up our future. A clarion that soldiers, journalists, human rights groups, religious leaders, students and ordinary citizens answered to. For whatever reasons, it took us a milestone to attract foreign help until fifteen years ago when a miracle game changer, a hard knot to crack son of the country emerged to our rescue. 

Pa Nderry, maybe controversial but his immense contribution to our freedom is on the surface as even the blind could see him and the deft could hear him. Unlike many others, Mr MBai, has never been a  servant under the influence of the brutal former regime. In fact, he was enemy number one evidence of which was in the last years of the AFPRC Junta, in 2013 to be precise when GRTS the then mouthpiece of the killer government showcased the so called denunciation of Mr MBai by his parents. This was a measure that was meant to serve as a deterrent to prevent Pa Nderry from exposing the regime or to at least jeopardize his character and reduce his influence over the masses. Instead of subduing to the propaganda of his parents disowning him, Pa was rather energized and more lubricated to criticize, castigate and oppose the illusive billion year ruler. 

To Jammeh, there was two governments one of which was for the people, by the people and of the people but led by Pa Nderry MBai overseas. His voice was of course that of the voiceless and his media (the famous Freedom Radio and Newspaper) was the only Gambian foreign base platform where many people who were once Jammeh allies used to reach out to the wider world and even some journalistic refuge. 

Pa,  being a host to so many newcomers in the struggle many of denounced him today. But the hard fact remains that Pa, was the renowned opposition, critic and journalist, who could stand firm even in front of a prominent court of law to prove not guilty of enabling Jammeh not even for a second. All his efforts are geared towards improving the quality of services Jammeh was providing us, but all of a sudden the politically deficit dictator mistakenly took him for an enemy, a fight Pa, never retreated, never surrendered and eventually he triumphantly emerged victorious. Pa Nderry MBai, is a living legend worthy of celebrating and respecting till the very end of time because he was among the relatively few Gambians, who knew that freedom comes only when the oppressed demand, claim or strive for it, but not never does it come through mere hopes imaginations. 

Written By  Muhammed Kaif Hydara 

Host and Editor Focus On Farafenni

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