Freedom Radio Gambia’s Seedy Ceesay, says he was snubbed by Ousainou Darboe, when he attempted to interview the country’s Foreign Minister, doubling as the UDP leader, shortly after Mr. Darboe, had finished addressing a rally in Latri-Kunda German. The incident happened yesterday. 

“ I walked towards Mr. Darboe, as soon as he finished addressing his supporters at Latri-German.  The UDP Candidate Madi Ceesay was having a meeting there. I greeted Darboe, and asked him for an interview. To my utter surprise, Darboe, never even responded to me. He just ignored me. He never uttered a word when I greeted him. He proceeded with his convoy. He was escorted,” Mr. Ceesay told me during a phone conversation on Thursday.

“ When I approached Femi Peters, who was dressed in a suit, he hurriedly walked away from me. Femi, nearly fell down.  I do not know why Ousainou Darboe and Femi, are avoiding me. They refused to talk to me,” Mr. Ceesay remarked.

The Freedom Newspaper and Freedom Radio Gambia, have been critical of Darboe and his UDP party. It is not clear if Mr. Darboe had harbored grudges against this medium and its staff, but what is clear is that Darboe was the least accommodating to Seedy, when he approached him. He did not even notice or acknowledge the presence of Seedy, when he approached him. He arrogantly walked away from Mr. Ceesay, who jokingly referred to Darboe as his uncle.

Mr. Darboe is hostile to the press. He phoned GRTS shortly after Jammeh left the country to reprimand Malick Jones, the former DG of GRTS,  for allowing reporter Ebrima Baldeh to comment on the illegal appointment of Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang as the country’s Vice President. His supporters also recently assaulted a Foroyaa reporter. No one was arrested or charged for assaulting the reporter. Interior Minister Mai Fatty, apologized to the reporter for the misconduct of the UDP supporters. 

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