Dear Pa,

Please allow me space for publication of my opinion and the most opinions of many Gambians right now on the above subject.

 It is really a welcoming news that the Barrow Government has drooped the charges on the GNPC officials.No body wish them bad things to fall on them and their families,especially those that are completely innocent in this case.To be candid Pa, to give a very frank analysis at least 8 of the accused officials were completely innocent they don’t even know what has been going on in this concern case.Is true that Jammeh,is really a brutal dictator,but on this particular case there was an element of partial truth on the accusations made,although there was no evidence,but some of us are fully aware of the fact that there was a huge amount of bribery money involved which was given to the elites of this case,and Jammeh also needed that money for himself.This is what brought in the entire confusion.However,this is all about greed and lack of contentment by Jammeh and the few of the so called accused of the officials involved.However,we all know those who are innocent and those who are guilty in disguise in this particular case.But let us leave sleeping dogs lie,that is their luck.But,those who are guilty,let them never show the public their arrogance because we know who is who in this particular case.

Now that The Barrow Government has dropped the charges on this case.We also urged the Barrow Government, to drop all the charges on similar cases during the Jammeh regime because there are also no evidence on those cases too,ie,the fisheries cases,the Agriculture cases,the Sabally and Jobarteh cases,etc to enable us start a new Gambia.But,
If they are to give preferential treatment on cases because of who you know,then there is no democracy in this new Gambia.
My other,point is that those who were wrongfully terminated by The Jammeh regime mainly on such fabricated cases,they could be reinstated,but Barrow should not contradict himself on the promised he gave us that,none of the ministers in the Jammeh regime would work with his Government.So the slightest precedent he creates by reinstating one minister,he should also consider reinstating all the sacked ministers in the Jammeh regime including Isatou Njie Saidy. What is good for one is good for all,there should not be preferential treatment for sacked ministers,especially ministers whom we all know that they are guilty,but still found innocent.
Can Fadera tell us why is it that now most of the civil servants in Government ministries and parastatals are active employees but still above the retirement age to the disadvantage of the new graduates who should be working in those places and are degree and masters degree holders but still yet denied employment,to the selfish advantage of those who should retire but still don’t want to go,almost 18% of the entire civil servants in the Gambia are above the retirement age,which is grossly unfair and unprofessional.We can understand in some cases you need highly skilled and qualify workers to retain in the service even if they are above the retirement age .But jobs like Directors,Managing Directors, Project Coordinators,these positions really should be given to those who are qualify and below the retirement age,because there are so many unemployed graduates who are deprived of such opportunities. These anomalies could be seen in ministries like Education.Agriculture,Fisheries,and some public enterprises.I think Fadera and The Barrow Government should stop this unprofessional retention of over age staff.Let them give chances to those below the retirement age.This anomaly should be corrected as soon as possible by Dawda Fadera,although he is not to be blame,but he can solve this problem as the head of the civil service.
Pa,please covey my message to the authorities in the Barrow government.
Ya Fatou Ceesay
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