Dear Pa,

The conspicuous absence of President Adama Barrow at the 57th Independence celebrations of Senegal is generating lots of speculations both in Senegal and the Gambia. Many are now wondering whether Barrow’s absence could be seen as a serious diplomatic snub especially he is the Chief Guest of Honor for the occasion .

He was represented by Fatamata Tambajang who was addressed as Vice-President by the Senegalese press sitting along side the Senegalese Prime Minister. Speculations are that Barrow is busy preparing for the coming legislative elections. But he could have flown to Dakar the morning of the celebrations and returns same day. His Guinea Bissau counterpart made it to Senegalese capital and stopped by in transit from there. 

President Barrow should do more to consolidate Gambia’s relations with Senegal and stop listening to his Father and Foreign Minster Darboe whose sole interest is to turn our back from Senegal. He even failed to accompany the delegations sent to represent Barrow.

We Gambians owe a huge debt of gratitude to Senegal and what better way to show our appreciation to them than for President to show solidarity by attending the celebrations, demonstrating to Brother Macky Sall that even we are in the midst of our legislative elections we still have the time to join our Senegalese brothers and sisters in their celebrations.

This Government must be ready to honor all its obligations and show gratitude to those who put up their time, resources and lives of its citizens to bring peace to our country.

Written By An Insider 

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