There were loud celebrations when Lawyer Darboe and the executive members of his party were released from jail following the victory Gambians gave to Adama Barow when we voted Yaya Jammeh out of office. That victory did not only throw out a dictator but did save the lives of Darboe and his party surrogates.

Barely three months into office, Gambians are increasingly worried about the tribalism and nepotism that is so conspicuous in the composition of the coalition Government of Adama Barrow. That is why it is important to vote for a balanced representation in the legislative elections by making sure that candidates for PDOIS, PPP, GDP and a good number of Independent contestants are voted in the National Assembly.

Tribalism is eating the very fabric of our society. All those key appointments in the civil and public services made since Barrow came into power is based on tribal lines. There is widespread betrayal and blackmail. The votes which gave Barrow victory over Yaya Jammeh were mainly from the Banjul and Kanifing voters. Of the 43 per cent who voted for Barrow, 60% came from voters residing in the GBA areas. Why should anybody think that this a Government of UDP when Adama Barrow resigned from his party to stand as an independent candidate?

Our differences should not be used by opportunists for political gains. GRTS is also playing its part in spreading tribalism. A day before the legislative election, they are airing programs about the Kabu and the Manding empires, also using the death of Sandeng as a propaganda just a day before Gambian electorates will vote for NAMs. The history of Senegambia cannot be manipulated for political purposes whether it is the Mandinka or Saloum empires, we are all the same people. Creating racial divide or promoting disharmony on grounds of religion, race or tribes is dangerous for our peaceful existence.

The only way we can have peaceful co-existence is to vote with our conscience. Our vote has thrown out a dictator. We can also reject any form of tribalism and nepotism with our votes.

Written By An Insider 

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