People’s Progressive Party supporters have been taken into custody by the police. Five of them were arrested in Panchang villange, in the Central River Region of the Gambia. The incident happened on Thursday, on election day.

Among the arrestees include: Amulai Janneh Mabye, Ogo Ceesay, Kebba Manneh, Saloum Jammeh, and Cherno Ceesay.

Police in the area said the arrested PPP youths allegedly erected a checkpoint to prevent non Gambian citizens from voting, especially for the NRP candidate

“The matter was reported at the Njau Police Station and the suspects were arrested and currently helping the police in their investigation,” said the police spokesman Foday Conta.

In another development, one Muhammed Ceesay, and his father Ebou Ceesay of Panchang, were arrested by the police. The men were accused of engaging in election violence. They were also accused of assaulting a police officer. The men were also accused of obstructing a police officer.

“Momodou had a fracas with the police when he refused to join the queue at the polling station. As he was approached by the police officer to join the line, he was reluctant. There was a push and pull and Muhammed Ceesay assaulted the officer causing injuries on him,” he stated.

According to the police spokesman, as the other officer tried to intervene Ebou Ceesay, the father of Muhammed Ceesay, interfered thereby obstructing the arresting officer. Both men are currently under custody at the Njau police station.

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