Dear Pa,

Just coming back from back from Gambia, I am very happy and proud to inform you that you are highly appreciated and respected by so many people back home in Gambia. Every Tuesday and Sunday, I used to buy a lot of credit to have internet only to listen to the Leral show . Gambians are very happy that the Gambia has a son, a truth and a fearless hero called Pa Nderry Mbai and everyone are appreciative that you are the only one out there to salvage Gambia from any form of aggression be it tribalistic or corruption. 

A friend of mine from the Army expressed to me his appreciation of your contribution towards unveiling the problems facing the country and her people. 

The recent analysis on the National Assembly Elections was very educative and had awakened many Gambians to understand the important of having Halifa Sallah in the parliament . 

A lady once told me that she is happy that you exist and had prayed for you for your patriotism. The listeners of the Freedom Radio are multiplying and is really educating the masses. Government of the day are very scared of Pa Nderry and Freedom because a source told me that they are already corrupt and they know that you use to pay people in Gambia for information. 

I don’t like what I see in Gambia and tribalism is rampant and the country is far from being safe. Mai Fatty, Ousainou Darboe and the UDP people are taking Gambia to a dangerous path and this left many people unhappy..

Gambians are very aware now than before and thanks to Pa Nderry Mbai and Freedom News online

Thank you for your contribution.

Louie Bidwell

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