A source close to the army command in Banjul says over two thousand soldiers and army officers have been lined up to be removed from the force. The source said the majority of  those to be fired are from the minority Jolla tribe, believed to have been loyal to the former dictator Yahya Jammeh. 

The massive purging is expected to come into effect before the end of the month. Unless the firings have been rescinded, sources said a list of two thousand soldiers and officers have been identified for removal from the army.  

“ I can report to you that plans are afoot to purge the army. Many heads are going to roll in coming weeks. I was briefed by someone close to the CDS. He told me that the firings will take place soon. I deem it imperative to inform you,” said our source.

Some of soldiers and officers lined up to be fired are school dropouts, soldiers whose Gambian citizenship is questionable, Jammeh loyalists and officers who do not undergo any military academy training.

The army command could not be reached for comment at press time.

In another development, the dismissed former Kanilai Camp Commander General Musa Savage, is likely to be arrested in coming days, according to sources who reached this medium. Savage himself has been reportedly informed by his former colleagues about plans hatched to have him under custody, said our source. But the former General was quoted as saying that he is not going to flee the country. That he rather stays and face the music than running.  

Musa Savage, was the Commander of the anti terrorism unit stationed at the State House, during the failed mutiny led by the late Lamin Sanneh. The attackers were killed during the incident. Their remains were recently exhumed and broadcast live on GRTS. 

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