Jarra Soma Market Smell getting worse daily as the Mansakonko area council ignored them

10 March, 2017, by Ousman B Kinteh

Soma market the traders saying they are tired of the daily smell and the Mansakonko area council ripping them off with a heavy duty payments daily and not cleaning the main Market in LRR regional area.

Market traders specially the  women’s complaining about the Mansakonko area council ripping them off with a heavy daily duty payments, and they not fixing the drainage and cleaning the main Market in LRR.

One market trader Mariama Njie said, they are in a hell of daily smell in The market, she said everyday the duty collector come to the market to collect money from them, she said they made a daily complaints to the Mansakonko area council committee and specially the duty payments collector who they see everyday, he never give them a genuine answers or even sometimes ignore them, she further when on saying they have to take their time to clean the market daily, the LRR regional area council is not doing anything for them to facilitate cleaners for them in the market and they are tired as the smell is getting worse.

We are frustrated and tired said by one male trader, he said that they been living in this type of poor management by the Jarra Soma market committee and the Mansakonko area council, they cannot even provide us  cleaners, we pay our daily duty for using the market, he believes we in the new Gambia and Adama Barrow and his government should help them with this area councils, specially the minister of Local government.

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