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The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress Mama Kandeh, has rejected the results of the legislative elections of 6 April 2017 asserting that the election was “neither free nor fair.”

According to Mamma Kandeh, in a press release issued on Saturday in Banjul, president Adama Barrow put the State resources at the disposal of the UDP and actively campaigned for the party during its so-called ” Thank you tour ”  organized during the official election campaign period

It is against the electoral laws for the President to engage in such activity which could give unfair advantage to his UDP party and undermine the integrity of the while electoral process to be free and fair, said Kandeh whose UDP party only managed to secure 5 seats nationally. He has yet to confirm whether his party will appeal the decision of the IEC in the courts.

Meantime, the party executives of the GDC announced that it will convene a press conference in the next days to give the position of the party.

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