This morning  I notified the Gambia Democratic Congress in The Gambia and Hon. Mama Kandeh that I am no longer associating myself with the party. During the last nine months I did everything I could to help the party grow both within the borders of the Gambia and abroad.

After the presidential election on December 1st, I diagnosed all the weaknesses of the party from my own perspective and informed an executive member to relay the message to Hon. Kandeh. I also believe that the relationship between the Party on ground and the Diaspora chapter should be mutual and consultation is paramount.

The GDC is a great party with an enormous amount of potential, and I believe the party will continue to grow especially with the eminent demise of the APRC. It is the only party  that  is position to take the lion share of the APRC vote especially in this polarized environment.

As I take time off from politics , I wish them the best of luck and continued progress in their efforts to enhance the democratic process in the country.

Makam Sowe

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