Omar Jallow, alias OJ, PPP Leader has said former Gambian President- Yahya Jammeh diverted rice given for him to supply people free of charge, by selling part of it and the remaining he used to compensate those who worked at his Kanilai Farms.

Speaking during series of political rallies held in Fulladou, Saloum and Nianija Constituencies ahead of the National Assembly Elections, Mr Jallow accused former President of cheating the public by selling rice he was to give free to the people, and giving part of the rice as compensation to those who volunteered in his farm land.

He said the rice diverted by Yahya Jammeh for his personal uses was previously supplied by the PPP Government free of charge to the people, because it was meant for that. He described Yahya Jammeh as Zaitaan, who came through the  bullet, and was backed by Zaitaan to stay in power, doing Zaitanic things. 

He further stated that as the Agriculture Minister, he is discussing with development partners to ensure that supplies of free food products to farmers’ resume, is continued and maintained. He said he has been assured that food products supplies will be provided and they will soon start the process. 

Written By Madi S Njie, Banjul

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