The ongoing tribal clashes have descended to Niamina Dankunku, where a supporter of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Pa Camara, was allegedly attacked by some supporters of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). Mr. Camara, a Mandinka, was confronted by his tribesmen for lending support for the GDC candidate Alhagie Jallow, a Fullani.  A war of words later emerged between Camara and his attackers. Profanity was rained at the scene of the incident. 

Fighting later broke out between Mr. Camara and his attackers. Both Mr. Camara and one Sutay Jallow, the elder brother of Alhagie Jallow, including the UDP supporters were taken into custody by the police. The detainees were later transferred to the police intervention base outside the locality of Dankunku.  

The NRP candidate for Niamina Dankunku Samba Jallow, won the elections in that constituency.  He is now the Minority Leader of the National Assembly.

According to sources reaching the Freedom Newspaper, Pa Camara, refused be harassed by his attackers. He stood his ground when confronted about his support for Alhagie Jallow. An unspecified number of locals were arrested and taken into police custody. 

Similar violence has been reported elsewhere across the country. Tribal conflict is now becoming a daily occurrence in the Gambia. It first started in the Fonis, and is now escalating to other regions in the country. 

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