Few days ago, Interior Minister Mai Fatty, who was on a “peace mission to Sibanor”  told the locals there that he was instructed by Adama Barrow to convey a message to the community on behalf Barow, about the purported nomination of the defeated UDP candidate in Sibanor, Foni Bintang Karani, Assan Jobarteh, as a Member of Parliament.  Mai’s statement was greeted with deep excitement by the losing UDP supporters in the area. Mr. Jobarteh and his followers went wild by throwing a party in the village. They felt being rescued from the recent pool of electoral defeat shame. The APRC candidate won hands down.  

Barely less than twenty four hours after Mai’s meeting with the locals, the alleged decision to nominate Mr. Jobarteh as MP, was rescinded without the consent of Jobarteh and the villagers. Mr. Jobarteh’s name was conspicuously missing among the five people nominated as MPS. This begs the question: Has Mai Fatty misled or lied to the people of Sibanor?

There is a complete disconnect in Barrow’s government. It is now clear that Ousainou Darboe is pulling the strings. Who else can override Barrow’s decisions other than Darboe? Not Mai Fatty! 

Mai, who was Barrow’s emissary in Sibanor, has been portrayed today in the negative light. He stands to be accused by the people of Sibanor of lying to them, when Mai’s only crime was being Barrow’s messenger. Absurd, right? 

The revocation of Assan Jobarteh’s purported nomination, was a good call, by whoever must have orchestrated it. It is our ardent belief that Ousainou Darboe’s fingers are behind it. It makes no sense to nominate a candidate, who has lost an election. Such a move will confirm the growing notion that the UDP is running a tribal government.

Asssan Jobarteh, being a Mandinka, do not mean that he should be accorded a special treatment. Imagine, the other losing UDP candidates, also demanding to be nominated as MPS? It amounts to an electoral rigging. Another dictatorship in a different form. What kind of precedence is this government trying to set?

In the meantime, Mai Fatty, has been exposed as someone communicating mixed messages. To be fair to Mai, he doesn’t deserve such a national embarrassment. We do not have any reason to believe that he was out to make up a lie that he was sent by Barrow to convey a message on his behalf.

Mai should avoid the replica of the late Baba Kajali Jobe, so called power of attorney, that he claimed was given to him by Mr. Jobe to oversee his assets and properties while he was in jail. The matter later became a subject of litigation in the courts. The former DPP Agim, even recommended for criminal charges be filed against Mai, and possibly to disbar him from the Bar. 

Adama Barrow should also act right and be consistent with his statements. Foni, is a politically polarized region. We hope Barrow will personally visit Foni, and apologize to the UDP supporters for shattering their hope.  

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