Warning! This published picture is graphic. We crave your indulgence for any inconvenience caused as a result of this picture. A Brikama resident believed to be a Senegalese national, has been gruesomely murdered, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Moussa Ka, was allegedly stabbed to death by one Tapha Ndiaye, also said to be a Senegalese subject. The duo were having a go at each other, when the altercation resulted into the death of Mr. Ka.  Both the deceased and his alleged killer have been identified as Senegalese nationals. 

The Late Ka on the far left       Tapha Ndiaye, far right; the man, linked To Ka’s demise

Police in Brikama, have taken Mr. Ndiaye’s alleged murderer Tapha Ndiaye, into custody. Police wouldn’t comment on the circumstances surrounding the murder of the young Senegalese national. Investigations into the matter is ongoing.

A law enforcement source said: “ This country is on the brink of total collapse. Without the presence of the ECOMIG forces, this country would have long been descended into political turmoil. As we speak, dozens of Foni residents have been hospitalized due to wounds they sustained in the Sibanor tribal clash. I am worried about the future of this country. We need a committed political will to unite this divided country.”

Violence crime has been on the rise in the Gambia, since the advent of Adama Barrow’s administration. There has been widespread reports of tribal clashing in the aftermath of the April, 6th Legislative elections. 

In a statement issued shortly after the successful polls, Mr. Barrow appealed for calm, and national unity. He warns that his administration wouldn’t condone post elections violence.

The Senegalese Embassy in Banjul could not be reached for comment.

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