To all my fellow GDC supporters, let us begin to act, beginning today, we must not loose hope, let us maintain the momentous continuity of our strength and confidence which is the bulwark of our party, it is understood, that our party is undergoing a solemn trying moment, we must be by it’s side and give it our utmost and supreme support.

Let us all cooperate graciously to manifest, that we are a united people, pledging to maintaining a political party which guarantees individual liberty, egalitarianism, sustainable development, economic prosperity, inclusivity and tribal diversity to a greater degree than any other party, in that vain; I’ll commend the party supporters and the leaders to carry on, with those  customary practices, it is a good pattern, and we must maintain such astounding attributes unabashedly. 

To our government, the business of our nation goes forward, but we must never loose sight, that the oppositions are part of strengthening and consolidating the precept of democracy, they speak for the voiceless and the most vulnerable, they are not enemies of our country, but good men and women with dissenting views of how things should be done, we all cannot be supporters of the government, it’s healthy to have people in the opposing side challenging and putting the government to task, such spirit of contrast, nurtures and keep our democracy robust, thereby educating and informing the masses, contrary views are healthy and democratic and needs to be encouraged, the government must listen to the audacious voices to help fix its loopholes..

We are all acutely aware, that our country is confronted with an economic affliction of great proportions, our citizens have suffered from the long and enduring worse sustained inflation, which kept distorting our economic decisions, the economic ills we’ve suffered has come upon us like a plague as a result of recklessness and poor decisions, made by the former governments, we hope; that the current government will layout programs or solutions to help revive it. 

The former government wasn’t the solution to our problem, the solutions that the current government seeks, must be equitable with no one group singled out or disadvantaged to pay a higher price, there must not be a barrier born of bigotry or tribal discrimination, we must have equal share of bounty of a revived economy, the government must and should concentrate less on our differences as a nation and concentrate more on the means of resolving them.

We the people, must caste an eye over Barrow’s government and exercise our franchise as citizens, we must pinpoint their missteps and hiccups and criticize them constructively and profusely, such criticism helps to better their approach on the affairs of our nation, we must not spare any error committed at the expense of the tax payers (Gambian), let it be exposed for the citizens to make a conclusive informed decision as to whether the government is the solution to our problems or the problem to our solution.

Thank you.

Written By Samba Jallow

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