Hi Freedom,
I am hereby writing to suggest some corrections to the online news that we have been keenly following from your hard work. 

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to your work as it serve as a vital source of news to us in the Gambia without much effort.  Thank you very much for that.

Secondly, even though the news went out with some warnings, but i do not think the graphic picture of showing a dead man in a pool of blood on a street in The Gambia should be show like that.  It is not good for the viewers and also for the community as a whole.  The Gambia is a very peaceful country and most of us are to seeing a dead person much more a murdered one on the street.  I understand with the advent of the new technology, everyone is having a smart phone from where to take photos but I do not think those graphic images should be displayed on the web.  The news can be made without such disturbing images.  It should be censored as is done in the western media and yet the message will be conveyed.  The rationale for that could be many including not to cause damage to the viewers.  

Finally, when you referring to UDP as a political party, I always see you mentioned it as an opposition party.  I do not think that to be correct.  It was an opposition party when Yaya Jammeh with his APRC was in power.  Following the formation of the coalition, I do not think any of the coalition members is an opposition.  I think the oppositions are now the APRC and Mama Kandeh’s GDC.  So UDP, NRP, PPP etc being coalition members are not oppositions but rather the ruling parties and the rest are the opposition. 
Well this is my humble opinion and I thank you very much for your time.  I do not wish this to be on the news and just preferred it to be noted.  If anything, please reply to me directly. 
Thank you very much 

Mr Baba Barrow
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