Good morning President Barrow,

Mr. President,

We are confused. We are confused because we are not clear in our minds as to who are the opposition parties and who are not in the House of Parliament.

We thought that all the political parties that are signatories of the Coalition agreement are partners in your victorious presidential election and by extension your government. As such during your meet the people tour, you ask the electorate to vote for the Coalition candidates. By saying so to the electorate, we the ordinary citizens made the conclusion that the GDC, APRC and the Independent are the opposition in the House. If that is the case then common sense leave us to think that the Minority Leadership should obviously go to above mentioned parties or the Independent candidate.

We the simple minded citizens are also told that the majority parties vote for the majority leader and that of the minority leader done by the minority parties.

Throughout the political history of the Gambia whether the PPP or the APRC regimes, the opposition parties always hold the minority leadership in the house. Is the NRP party an opposition party to your government? No. Hence our confusion with regards to NRP’s political qualification.

Mr. President politicians are not deadly enemies, they are simply political adversaries vying the presidential seat. They should not be treated as a deadly enemy to eliminate. It is their constitutional right to campaign and win or loose.

If we treat politics like Lawyers do battling in the law courts and when out of court they are the best of friends then the political landscape of the Gambia will reap the best benefits of democracy, prosperity and peaceful political environment.

We the ordinary citizens of the Gambia pray that the politicians behave and adapt mentalities like the sportsmen’s fair play and respect of rules of the political game and do away with antagonism.

Mr. President please give Caesar what belong to Caesar.

Have a good day Mr. President and do not forget your daily physical exercise.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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