Our government must always recognize, that power belongs to the people, we the people are in charge of the country, the president, the government employees, office holders and our representatives work for the people, they should keep that in mind to concede, that we the people are their employer- we employ them by electing them, and they must be guided by what we want. Disagreeing with the government in regards to what must be done to propel our nation forward if necessary is healthy and most be encouraged. 
The president must be kept in daily touch of the realities happening in order to meet the material needs and concerns of the people, we the people must also articulate vividly, how we want to be govern, such spirit must be expressed loudly and clearly to get the attention of our elected officials to heed the duty of our concerns and frustrations.
I have an uncomfortable feeling, that our slow pace of progress isn’t something on which we can base our hopes for the future. An astonishment registered by the coalition government in having both the majority and the minority leader within them- outwitting the opposition is clearly a wrong democratic footing, where is then the voice and the leader of the opposition? I hope such move will not lead us to a downward course of dictatorship, in which force and coercion will be a way out.
I do hope, that the current administration is able and capable to solve our complex problems as a nation, much especially the constitution, our constitution is outmoded, filled with dictatorial provisions and need to be amended and updated to befit the political necessity of today’s day and age.
I say this to president Barrow, honor your campaign promise of serving for 3 years and let’s go back to the polls, be a man of your word as this will earn you high marks and respect locally and internationally, failure to abide by the coalition agreement will hunt you, and will distort your image and integrity. Do the right thing when the time arises Mr president.
Thank you.
Written By Samba P Jallow 
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