Dear Pa,

I want you to investigate this disturbing story about the award of the refurbishment of President Barrow’s new office at VP Njie-Saidy’s former residence in Fajara. The contract was given to Neneh Balla Gaye, who is a Sister-in-Law of Ramzia Diab, for over D3 million just to buy new furniture and curtains.

Remember this is the same person that used to furnish Yaya Jammeh’s State House until they fell out and she was banned from entering State House because of over-inflated contracts. Ramzia was very close to Baba Jobe and because of that Neneh’ husband was made minister in Jammeh’s Government. 

Ramzia is closely working with Barrow, they have started the corruption and nepotism to make money.  These people are after making money period. D 3 million to furnish an already furnished house is a scam. It was disclosed that D8million budget was given to Ramzia during the Independence celebrations to cater for transportation. She has yet to account for that money. 

Please find out. 

Written By Baba Darboe

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