The Senegalese government has decided to reduce the original 1,000 soldiers requested by the Barrow government to help shape the country’s security situation to 500 soldiers, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. A top security chief close to the GAF Headquarters in Banjul said 500 Senegalese soldiers are expected to arrive in the country soon opposed to the one thousand soldiers as earlier requested by the government. No reason has been given for the reduction of the security back from 1,000 soldiers  to 500. 

The Senegalese troops will be hosted in the upcountry, said our source.

“Preparations are in high gears to host the 500 Senegalese soldiers in Mansakonko. They are going to be hosted in Mansakonko. I will fill you in with additional information when the date for their arrival is finalized,” said our source.

Close to 2000 Gambian soldiers have been lined up to be fired in coming weeks. The Senegalese troop are going to serve as a backup to the existing forces on the ground in the event of a possible army showdown.

“The list of the soldiers to be fired is with Mansaneh Kinteh. There is going to be a massive purging in the security forces. I can tell you that the planned move is not going to auger with well the army.  Senegalese security officers are also going to help to restructure and retrain our men and women of the armed forces. We are closely monitoring the situation,” our source added.

The GAF commend could not be reached for comment at press time.

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