Only in Gambia, the majority will have it their way regardless of if it is right or wrong. No protections for the minority given by the answers you see from lawyers and political minds on social media. Is it not so easy to become a dictator if all you have to do is maintain a majority, and have your people praise you like a God regardless of what you do? We have seen this movie before. One President kept winning for 30yrs because not only did he have the majority on his side, but the people supporting him were not interested in term limits. He could have been a dictator, but because he was a diplomat, he just enjoyed having control cause the majority had him in office. Now the second President decided he would come from the minority, and take power by force due to how the minority were treated, and that for him development was not moving at all. Guess what, he had a way of introducing fear that got the majority to even support him regardless of what he was doing. Finally, after 22yrs of his development agenda, but butchering his way through it by some disappearing and many suffering, his majority in the house could not save him with a State of Emergency because the electorate which was the real majority decided to say, “they have had enough, and has decided.”

Now in this new era, we are now setting the stage for past mistakes that words don’t mean anything in politics. You can have agreements, but it could be changed because the majority in the house or the majority of those who signed the agreement, can just change it because the minority are just noise makers. Those who used to refer to the Constitution as, “A Toilet Paper,” now treasure it even though not a single amendment has been done other than the Parliamentary fees. The excuses are many, but the worst of all excuses is that small Gambia would not be able to afford another election after the Vice President takes over, (if we do have one that is within the same Constitutional requirements), because we are tired of too many elections within such a small period of time. Have you noticed that the millions of Dalasis spent at Kairaba Hotel has not been brought up even though there are many Government buildings meetings could have been held, or housed the Executive!!! Besides, millions of Euros have been pumped into small Gambia, but we won’t be able to find ways of allocating funds to strengthen our democracy.

Another excuse is that the Constitution supersedes the agreement, but did they not know that way before? Yes they did, but they think it is about who can out smart your opponent, although they all got together in good faith. Do you all honestly know what it would do to our democracy if we do follow through on the promise of keeping the 3yrs? It would seta precedent for all other leaders that will ever come that when you say I will leave at this time, I should leave because the most credible of us should be those safeguarding our democracy in office. It is government of, by, and for the people, and the people were given an assurance that 3yrs was the agreement. Do you all also know what it could do to us if we decide to bypass the 3yrs and go for 5yrs? It would damage the trust we had in our politicians, damage our relations with other Nations that do business with us that we should not be trusted for honoring commitments, and it would be political suicide to say the majority will have it their way regardless of what the minority thinks about us. It would validate the term, power corrupts, but absolute power really corrupts.”

My last question would be, when will we as Gambians stop creating unnecessary God’s within our midst, and stop violating our words as if they don’t ever mean anything? Why do we always try to outsmart each other, and forget that even in most holy books, breaking an agreement is seen as one of the worst things one can do? We are really defining ourselves, and it’s sad that I have seen many Gambians act that way to the point it is now becoming a way of identifying us as, ” Orre kat Leng”(Untrustworthy or someone who breaks an agreement). Remember words like ” Deka be ma korh mom (I own this country) and was condemned, has turned to, “I have taken over the country.” What has changed, and where has the outcry gone?

What is sad is that I thought 52yrs would have taught us how to act, how to follow up on our promises, and how to become better people of society, but unfortunately it has only proven how we got Sir Dawda Kairaba for 30yrs, and how we got Babili Mansa for 22yrs. Now the rest is just going to be a repetition of praising, and suppressing the minority because they don’t count because the least we could have done is to show that we are men and women of Integrity, but apparently not. The voices of reason, and thought has been demolished by ignorance, insults, and dishonesty. Worst of all, it has been drowned by trying to out smart others by using the majority in all it’s forms. Oh God, do not let us sink any longer, but pull us from the shackles of Saitan, and let us unite our small Gambia. The work is overloading, but you will never give us a burden too much to bear! Make us see that promises are to be kept, and that we should exemplify the best of society, not the worst of those who cannot be trusted. May this all come to past, and may we see more people who will stand for truth, and not a cliché of excuses just to have it their way to further consolidate themselves into power!! No one can ever finish the job, so please let us stick to our principles, and commitments!!

Concerned Citizen!!

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