Gambia: Sports News: GFF involved in Illegal Football congress


GFF involved in Illegal Football congress

By Ousman B Kinteh, 15, march 2017

Gambia Football Federation and their friends in LRR region want to have illegal football congress in Jarra Soma.

The news in LRR is that The Gambia football federation president Mr Lamin Kaba Bajo who is also a long time allies of the former dictator of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh were he served as one of the loyal servants of the APRC brutal regime for 22 years, Kaba Bajo was a close colleague of Yahya Jammeh both in the Gambia army and his 22 years regime of dictatorship in The Gambia. He serves in many government important posts as a minister and a ambassador in abroad during former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh brutal dictatorship in The Gambia.

This week GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo is on a nationwide tour to attend regional annual congresses in The Gambia, in Lower River Region (LRR), the GFF president and his administration on tour want to have a secret congress in LRR with the help of  his allies in the region to influence the to voters in region to vote for Ansuman Sanneh.

Lower River Regional youth chairperson, Mr Saikou Darboe said they believe that they Kaba Bajo even actually want to do a close door secret congress meeting at the Jarra Soma mini stadium to have their man Ansumana Sanneh to be the next regional president for next five year, which he believe will help the Gambia football faderation to have a guarantee vote from LRR in the next Gambia football federation presidential general election.

LRR regional youth leader Mr Saikou Darboe, said they immediately inform the football stakeholders and youths in LRR to go and stop the illegal congress which is only organise for the best interest of Lamin Kaba Bajo and is travelling administration team. He further when on saying that youths and the football stakeholders in the regions were even surprise by GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo attendance in the secret congress which the football stakeholders in LRR region are not inform about the congress. He said if they have not intervene to stop the illegal congress, the LRR region will suffer another five years of illegal football football dictatorship in the region.

One club owner in LRR said if they let the illegal congress to go ahead, with the influence of Kaba Bajo and his GFF counterparts on the tour will leads others to illegal vote in Ansumana Sanneh to be voted as the next LRR regional football federation president for the next five years which will further damage their football development, He said Mr Sanneh is in the pocket of GFF Kaba Bajo and his team and Ansumana Sanneh will guarantee a vote for Lamin Kaba Bajo and his current administration in next GFF presidential general election. He further when on saying they will never support GFF unless they decentralise football in the whole Gambia, specially in regional areas who have been left behig by the current GFF administration. 

Football stakeholders in the Gambia and specially in LRR right now should stand up against this illegal congress, and dictatorship in our football to make sure right procedures are in place to organising such congress which will determine the regional football leadership in the next years to come. They want to know the method of selecting who are voting.

Teams and football teams are having a meeting in LRR this week to organise a solidarity match to the LRR regional headquarters to meet the commissioner and explain their frustrations to her about the illegal football activities been run in LRR region quite sometimes now, the clubs also want to inform Gambia football federation that they have stop using their influence to help certain individuals in organising illegal congress in LRR region just to win their vote. They said that is illegal and unprofessional.

The football stakeholders in LRR want to give a special thank to the Gambia national youth and sports councils representatives in LRR, and LRR youths chairperson with his group’s of youths supporting them to stop illegal football activities. they said this is a strong message to the football house and football stakeholders in the country.

There was also some push and pull regarding to the meeting and some of my sources said a hand blows of pouches were thrown at each other in Jarra Soma mini stadium today.

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