Team Iastou Touray, is gradually disintegrating—with a close confidant of Dr. Touray, defecting to the United Democratic party (UDP). Ramzia Diab, has joined the UDP, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. She will soon be appointed an Ambassador, according to competent sources close to the UDP led government. Ramzia, is likely going to be assigned to head the Gambian mission in India, our source said. Her appointment has not yet been finalized, but it is very likely that she is going to serve in the Foreign Service, our source added.

There will be many defections to the UDP in coming days and weeks. One’s chances of enjoying the national pie is by pledging his or her allegiance and support to this dominant political party, headed by veteran politician Ousainou Darboe. Ramzia will not be the only defector. Some members of the former struggle have been told to slow down their daily rants on social media if they want to be taken on board by the UDP government. Some have since subdued to the UDP led government. Reports have it that some of the former Barrow critics are on the waiting line to be hired. 

“Ramzia Diab, is no longer a member of Team Isatou Touray. She has jumped ship.  She is now with the UDP. She even campaigned for the UDP candidates during the past NAM elections. She picked on Halifa Sallah during one of our meetings. I was present when Ramzia talked about Halifa’s rants in Parliament during Jammeh’s rule. She said she was in Parliament with Halifa,” said our source.

“For Dr. Touray, she has virtually nobody left in her team here. She sponsored eleven independent candidates in the recent elections, and none of them emerge victorious. She opposed the UDP in some constituencies. Now Ramzia, has jumped ship.  Amie Bojang Sissoho is also likely going to defect. This is a UDP government. We are in control,” said our source.

In another development, Femi Peters, has been tipped for an Ambassadorial position in Africa. Mr. Peters is not going to England, as earlier reported, said our source.

“ Femi Peters is going to be assigned to one of the African countries, as an Ambassador. He might be posted in Sierra Leone, or Guinea Bissau,” our source hinted.


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