As we commit ourselves to a rebirth of a new nation, and a path of common purpose and restoration of Gambian value, we must all exhibit our disapproval of our president’s visit to Congo Brazzaville, and join the voices of dissent to express our frustrations and disappointments, president Barrow’s visit defies the broad public interest which is like a glue that keeps us together as citizens of The Gambia.  
The question many are asking is, why is Barrow dining and winning with a dictator and what broad national interest has his visit for The Gambians? This has created lots of speculative answers which is not healthy for president Barrow’s administration.
The callous and outright dishonesty expressed by some people defending the reasoning and the motive behind his visit is weak and easy, I understand the reason behind their thoughts but I am actually puzzled by it, people don’t want easy answers, people want honest and forthright answers.
President Barrow should focus more on the economy, the coalition agenda and rekindle a sense of unity and confidence in the future and give our nation and every individual a sense of purpose by de-escalate the polarization affecting the nation. Visiting Africa’s brutal dictator is a slap in our face and a threat to our new found freedom and national unity of purpose.
In conclusion, the president must draw his strength and wisdom from us the people, and we the people are appalled and dismayed by his visit, we are not delighted, and this was a wrong diplomatic move.
Written By Samba P Jallow
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