Hello Pa,

Thank you once again for giving us space on your prestigious paper as well as to congratulate you for your immense contribution to our freedom and moving the agenda of the New Gambia forward and exposing the corrupt. As I promised to be keeping you posted, I want to bring to your attention some more pressing issues happening at State House at this moment.

As you know that we are all in a state of shock why President Adama Barrow should go to Congo, Brazzaville instead of giving priority to the ECOWAS states that helped The Gambia peacefully go through the political impasse.  But it is SG Fadera’s duty to advice President Barrow on some of these state matters, he should have advised him on the priority countries he should be visiting at this point in time. 

Before President Barrow’s departure to Brazzaville on Friday, the newly formed Cabinet sat for the first time in the history of the 3rd Republic on Thursday, 13th April 2017.  As we all know that most of our Ministers in cabinet have never worked in Government before, the incompetent Secretary to Cabinet, who should have been the one to guide and advice the Ministers on cabinet sittings and procedures, failed to brief the Ministers.

During the cabinet sittings, she failed to include all the cabinet papers that were submitted to her from all the Ministries. Pa, as you know that this action could cost a great deal to Gambia as some of those issues were very important to be passed in Cabinet. This is an unpatriotic act and in this New Gambia, there is no hiding place for anyone to sabotage the Barrow administration, as she is a dead Jammeh enabler.

She is the ex-wife of the former APRC campaign manager, Bala Garba Jahumpa (Action Man). Her marriage with Bala Jahumpa, was the first marriage to be tied at the…..House mosque. She was also sent to perform the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca by Yahya Jammeh 2002.

With all these favors, how can we believe that she is not a Jammeh enabler and feeding his ex-husband, Action Man with vital information from Barrow’s government since they are in close contact.  After her divorce with Action Man, she married….. She is in her third marriage as she was divorced with …..and they later re-married in early 2015.

Pa, do you know that your analysis of my last edition touch Dawda Fadera and Isatou so much that they now try to send government files to President Barrow in order to familiarize himself with government issues. However, it’s sad that President Barrow still does not take any action or take control on the employment, redeployment and dismissal of civil servants, these actions are still been carried out by SG Fadera and SC.

Pa, remember I told you that the two ….. were transferring staff and leaving those staff that connive with them in their bad activities to stay such as contracts bidding, buying tickets from travel agencies like Cinderella travel agency, the office monthly allocation from Ministry of finance. They also transfer their “enemies” at Office of President to other ministries including the two Senior Accountants.

Well, last week, they try to camouflage the situation and started transferring those in their good books, such as, the Accounts Clerk, Sally, DPS Lamin Camara move to Ministry to Interior and Fatou Jangum move to National Records Service which is that they are trying to hide the fact but we at the office knows and sees the truth.

Pa, one other funny evil thing about this lady is that she is a betrayer and a disappointment to the female folks, she will laugh with you when her heart is dark like an American tunnel. She is always overheard murmuring bad things towards her colleagues like PS Alima Tambadou and the new Permanent Secretaries in the office as she does not believe in teamwork when she do not know anything, everyone in the office know that she is a dummy and an empty barrel. Everyone knows she does not deserve her position because she is incompetent, this was why Yaya Jammeh sacked her several times. All what she and SG Fadera do in the office is chit chat the whole day and no work.

Pa, we at State House will not rest until justice is done on these two lovebirds. To continue with their love thing, SG Fadera is the one who brought her from Gambia Civil Aviation Authority direct to PMO, then Ministry of Finance and later recommend her to Yahya Jammeh who accepted for her to work at Office of President but even Jammeh knows she is evil and do not want good for others.

Pa, do you know that SG Fadera, is very popular for receiving bribes before he give you a job while he was the Permanent Secretary at PMO and he is known for sleeping with his junior staff, secretaries and typists in exchange for promotion and travel for training like in the case of….. What surprise me most is SG Fadera employing his childhood friend from GTTI as Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President, who is this GTTI lecturer going to lecture in OP, maybe they brought him to lecture them because the two are big time dummies. Am sick of these guy’s actions of nepotism and tribalism.

Our advice to the Barrow administration is to appoint competent and deserving people to the position of Secretary General and Secretary to Cabinet as we at Office of the President are very unhappy seeing the faces of these crooks running the State House. 

From the State House Insider

Editors note: The views express in this write up are sorely that of the author. It does not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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