The entourage living with dictator Yahya Jammeh in Equatorial Guinea, are complaining about missing The Gambia. Some are even contemplating abandoning the dictator, at his government provided resort. They are always on the phone with loved ones, relatives, and friends in the Gambian and outside the Gambia. The complaining Jammeh aides said they badly miss home. They “wanna” return to the Gambia, a land often called the smiling coast of West Africa. 

Among those desperately returning to the Gambia, is Nyambou Jammeh, General Ansumana Tamba, and Jimbay Jammeh. The trio are apparently suffering from culture shock. They spent a lot of time on the phone with families back home in The Gambia. They also sleep a lot during the day, our source said.

Unlike in the past, dictator Jammeh, will be chilling at his sitting room with is guards, while the trio are on the phone talking to Banjul. Occasionally, they will step aside away from Jammeh, to grumble on the phone about the loneliness in Equatorial Guinea.

“I have been talking to Jammeh’s entourage. I will one day try to talk to Jammeh to speak to Freedom Radio. He is accessible. I am talking folks very close to him. They will update me about every movement of Jammeh. I have realized that each time I called I hear Freedom Radio programs echoing on the background. Jammeh spends a lot of time listening to Freedom radio,” said our source in Kanilai.

Mr. Jammeh is living in exile in Equatorial Guinea with his mum Asombi Bojang, and wilfe Zienab Souma Jammeh. Reports have it that Zeinab Jammeh hardly stays in Equatorial Guinea. She has been crisscrossing between Equatorial Guinea, the United States, France, Guinea Conakry, and Morocco.

Her marriage with Jammeh is on the verge of collapsing. The couple argue a lot, said our source in Guinea.  

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