Even after her boss-Dictator Yahya Jammeh was rejected and kicked out by the people of The Gambia, it is the expectation of many that decent Gambians with impeccable character will be given responsibilities that commensurate with their record of strict adherence to rules of ethics and professional responsibility. Ethics is such an important area in law that if one compromises it, he/she compromises his/her license to practice law. Such an area of law of utmost importance cannot and must not be left in the hands of an individual who had shown no respect for rules of professional responsibility through her acts of aiding and abetting the dictator to persecute Gambian; having colluded with the notorious NIA  and concocted lies against decent people; preferred trump-up charges against good citizens; contributed to the dismissal of many judges and magistrates; exerted pressure on judicial officers to convict innocent people without cogent evidence; and so forth.

Mama Fatima Singhateh’s hands are soaked in filth. She aided and abetted the Dictator and failed woefully in their attempt to subvert the will of The Gambian people. She used her position and concocted false stories and made sure that many judges and magistrates were dismissed on the directives of her boss Yahya Jammeh. She colluded with the notorious NIA and preferred trumped-up charges against innocent Gambians and used her position to exert pressure on judges and magistrates to jail innocent Gambians.

Such an individual is the most unethical lawyer in the history of The Gambia. She had the choice to do the right thing but for greed, selfishness and the demon in her to destroy so many Gambians, she did all she could to see that many innocent Gambians suffer. Mama Fatima Singhateh, you’re a shame to the legal profession. The people you lied against to your boss and colluded with the NIA to see them victimized are the ones standing tall today. If it were here in U.S.A., you would have already been punished and sent to jail because you are the most unethical lawyer that I have known. However, since it is Gambia, where the culture of impunity is still rooted in our society, you still move about and continue to enjoy the freedom you and your boss denied some people.

I don’t know why the administrators of The Gambia Law School still allow you to teach such an important course like ethics. You have no moral standing to teach such a course because you are unethical!! There are lots of decent professionals who can teach that course. Therefore, I challenged the Director of The Gambia Law School to replace you with a fit and proper person of impeccable character to teach that course. The students do not deserve you. It’s high time that you are replaced before you continue to pollute the mindset of our future attorneys.

Shame on you Mama Fatima Singhateh, shame on you!! If you really have any pride in you, you would have resigned, and take a bow since your master had abandoned you to become a refugee in Equitorial Guinea. You are shameless. You, your boss and the notorious NIA have so much blood on your hands. Better be ready for the consequences because justice will prevail someday.



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