Gambia: Should Kaba Bajo resign as GFF President?


Should Kaba Bajo resign as GFF President?

By Ousman B Kinteh

 Lamin Kaba Bajo was introduced to the football fraternity as A.J.J Jammeh led Government candidate during the last GFF elections. We were made to believe that he was the choice of the former president.This was clearly manifested as the then Regional Governors were used to prevail on Regional Football Associations to vote for Kaba and his team. The former Interior minister, Ousman Sonko also threatened and force institution teams such as Interior FC, Armed Forces FC, Gamtel and Ports Football clubs to vote for Kaba and his team.

Again, Kaba used the KGI F.C ( Kanilai Family Farm Sponsored Football Club) ticket to win nomination and eventually get elected as GFF president. He came through KGI F.C ticket to intimidate and convenience the stakeholders that he is the candidate of the former president.

Kaba was a prominent member of AFPRC and APRC government. He has been a close associate of Yaya Jammeh for 22 years. 

Now that his associates in crime such as AJJ Jammeh and Ousman Sonko are a pain in the ass as far as our beloved country is concern, do we risk having him continue as GFF president?

Is  Kaba Bajo not a colourful reminder of AJJ Jammeh government and their dirty long hands in our beautiful game of football?

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