We the people need to understand our government to be able to control and help guide it. The paralysis and the stagnation of our energy sector particularly electricity is inexplicable, our government need to take the bull by the horns and step up to the plate to resolve such a lingering plague, electricity is gradually becoming a basic necessity and people depend heavily on it to carry their economic and social activities, the massive low supply of electricity is becoming a huge cause for concern. 

NAWEC was established in 1996, replacing The Gambia utilities Cooperation (GUC), the company is unable to cope with the growing demand of electricity nationwide and consumers keep enduring a service hiccup regularly, NAWEC has suffered an increasing disapproval for their incompetence and inadequate supply of electricity nationwide and their ratings keeps plummeting as far as Electricity is concern, majority of concern citizens have been making an increasing outcry, demanding governmental actions to privatize NAWEC, but such popular pleas have not being  heeding to..

The issue of inadequate supply of electricity has been an enormous challenge by the previous governments and it’s still plaguing us, If the government is unable to meet the challenge of our energy crisis; let them privatize it, our previous governments has no comprehensive energy program or policy and by every indication, the current government isn’t having any either, our country is experiencing a heavy electricity interruption and such downward trend got to be addressed and redressed.

If a comprehensive energy policy or programs to stimulate the impotent energy sector isn’t readily available, then I think privatizing NAWEC will be an affirmative good job. 

Thank you…

Written By Samba P Jallow

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