UDP has rewarded Pa Edie Faal, Yusupha Cox and Amie Bensouda, because of their financial support to the party during the elections. They are all appointed as advisers to the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and are paid equally as the ministers with the same privileges. Mr Faal and Ms Bensouda are yet to occupy their offices at the Ministry, but Mr Cox comes to work every day to the Ministry occupied a space doing nothing. This a real waste of resources. What will they advise the minister on?

On other development, the SG has appointed one Faba Jammeh from the Ministry of Trade as the Director of Policy Analysis Unit at the Office of the President. It was the very SG, who transferred the staff of the unit to other ministries saying the unit was not necessary because their functions are performed by the Planning Units of the various ministries. Now according to the SG, the unit will be fully staffed by him and the SC as the appointments does not require endorsement from the President.

The SG has also imposed his first cousin Momodou Lamin Cham to The Gambia Bureau of Statistics as the Director of Coordination, Dissemination and Quality, who has retired more than 5 years ago and in the letter that is an Executive Directive for him be recruited at GBOS. Now Mr Cham is misbehaving in the Bureau saying that the SG is his cousin and he will soon be the Statistician General.  He is threatening the current Statistician that he is a Jola and will be sacked and will be replaced by him as he is Mandinka and first cousin of the SG. This is very sad and there is the need for the Minister of Finance to address this issue as the Mr Cham, has destabilized the Bureau.

Now he organized meetings with the other 3 directors for the current SG to be dismissed because he is a Jola. The same is happening at the Central Bank of the Gambia as the Director of Banking Supervision is also threatening the Governor that he will be sacked as he is a Jola and will be replaced by him as he is a Mandinka. This is very unfortunate. You will see on the Governor’s face that he is worried and this is affecting his productivity. 

The Petroleum saga is now thrown of out court and the SG is saying that he does not know where to take Seedy Kanyi and Louis Moses. Seedy, was the Managing Director of the National Transport Corporation and was replaced by Habib Drammeh, who was his adviser whose sister Amie Bensouda has contributed a lot of money to UDP and now he did not know where to take Seedy. Also, Alhagie Taal, has also been freed but the SG, has identified someone to fill his position and this is not fair. Madun Sanyang, who went to jail because he refused what Edie Jobe accepted  to implicate others in the Petroleum saga has also not been reinstated because the SG is saying he is a Jola likewise Momodou Badjie the former MD of GNPC. 

A lady has been identified to head the Gambia Investment and Export Promote Agency (GIEPA), who has never worked there and there are Initially, the SG decided to take her to GNPC which was rejected then he suggested the foreign missions that did not work and the compromise was to Ministry of Local as PS 2.

I am appealing to President Barrow to intervene as the Secretary to Cabinet and SG are destroying the civil service.

Written By A Concerned citizen

Editors note: The views expressed in this opinion piece are sorely that of the author. It does not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. The people mentioned in the report could not be reached for comment. Thanks for your attention. 

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