As the Gambia, is yet to be officially admitted into the Commonwealth of nations, the British government, has informed former Gambian Commonwealth Citizens that they cannot vote in the upcoming UK elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The notification was made in the form of a letter sent out to the Gambian residents in the United Kingdom. The decision affects only non UK citizens. Gambian naturalized UK citizens have not been affected by the election office’s decision.  Hence, they are qualified to vote, said our source. 

The Gambia used to be a member of the Commonwealth, but former dictator Yahya Jammeh, decided to yank out the country’s membership from the body. Jammeh’s grounds were that the Commonwealth was a neocolonial body aimed at colonizing third world countries.

When Adama Barrow ascended to the presidency, he promises to reinstate Gambia’s membership to the Commonwealth. That’s yet to be seen to be done.

Earlier last week, some Gambians living in the UK, received letters in their mailboxes informing them that they cannot vote in the coming elections. Unless Gambia’s membership to the Commonwealth, has been regularized, they cannot vote, said our source.

A Gambian writing to us from the UK said: “ Hi Pa, I don’t know if you are aware that we cannot still vote in the UK, as our country’s membership to the Commonwealth, hasn’t been reinstated yet.  I received a letter last week, informing me, that I cannot vote. I deem it imperative to inform you.  Keep up the great job. Thanks.”


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