Halifa Sallah, the elected member for Serre-Kunda says the United Democratic Party (UDP) doesn’t have an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly to permit them to amend the Constitution or impeach the president Adama Barrow. Mr. Sallah, who was speaking to pressmen on Block TV, shortly after he has taken his oath before National Assembly,  says the UDP can only pass simple bills and nothing of major constitutional change without the support of the opposition on the other side of the political divide. He added that the UDP has 31 elected MPS, which cannot permit the party to make any serious changes on the constitution. 

“They cannot impeach a president because they need two third majority to do that.  They cannot amend a constitution because they need three quarter majority to do that. What they can do is to pass simple bills,” said Mr. Sallah.

Mr. Sallah further noted that the opposition has 22 members in the House, excluding the five MPS nominated by Adama Barrow. Hence, he called on MPS to use conscience on issues of national interest.

“An institution which is yet to decide itself. That’s why we are trying to inject direction and purpose on it.  It is too early to say that the other members will behave like robots.  They shouldn’t behave like robots.  Those who behave like that they will be in the pubic space because this is National Assembly, which can no longer be an indoor affair,” Sallah noted.

“We are going to insist that the GRTS fulfills its responsibility of ensuring that the people are informed; because the media is to hold government accountable to the people.  And there cannot be real accountability until the people know what’s really been done in their interest,” he concluded.


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