Jainaba Jallow of Conteh Village in Nianija Constituency has said there is hunger among farming communities in Nianija District, Central River Region, and called on the Gambia Government through the Minister of Agriculture to help bail them out the highly challenging circumstances.

Mrs Jallow who was speaking during recent PPP political rally held in Kanteh Village in Nianija District, Central River Region, lamented that the access roads to their rice fields got damaged, which consequently prevent them from having access to their rice fields, where they heavily rely to produce their survival.

She said over the past years, most of their rice fields has  not been used, resulting in decline in food production in the area, as the available land areas are insufficient to grow them enough food for the survival of their families.

She said some people had their legs broken, while trying to use the dilapidated rice fields roads along the River banks, that need to be bridge to have access to the fertile land, best for rice production.

She added that some pregnant women had miscarriages while using the slippery roads. As a result of the numerous incidents, she said many people has abandoned their rice fields, resulting to decline in rice production.

“There is hunger in our communities and we are relying on you the Agriculture to help us build access roads to our rice fields, to enable us produce more rice for our families’ livelihoods,” she said.

Jallow further appeal for government to help them with milling machines, to ease the job pressure for the women folk, who spend lot of time pounding for their families’ daily meals.

She also said access to clean water is a major challenge, called on the Agriculture Minister- Omar Jallow, alias OJ- who graced the meeting to help bail them out.

In Nianija District, farmers said they are hungry because the roads leading to their rice fields are ruined by flooding river banks, thereby making it impossible for them to reach to most parts of their rice growing fields.

As a result, they said rice production declined in the area. They said the available land areas for rice cultivation is not enough for their survival, and consequently they cannot produce enough to feed themselves, thus lead to hunger in the communities. They appealed to the Gambia Government through the Agriculture Minister to help build access road to enable them use their abandoned rice fields.


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