Calm has returned to Kanilai, following Thursday gruesome gunfire between some personnel of the Gambia Armed Forces stationed in the village and the ECOMIG forces, leaving two Gambian soldiers critically injured, the Freedom Newspaper can report. This followed the deployment of a security task force headed by General Yankuba Drammeh, to investigate what occasioned the incident in Kanilai.


Pictures of the injured soldiers have started surfacing. The Freedom Newspaper was contacted by a source in Banjul, who provided the pictures to this medium. As rightly reported earlier, the injured soldiers suffered gunshot wounds in the leg. As evident on these published pictures, there was a shootout in Kanilai.


Kanilai, is now becoming a no-go area for the ECOMIG forces. Local villagers reinforced the soldiers on the ground as soon as the ECOMIG forces open fire at the guards stationed at Jammeh’s villa.

The government of the Gambia, is yet to issue an official statement to shed light about what transpired in Kanilai on Thursday, morning.


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