This is an information that requires urgent attention by the Barrow administration. The current trend of tribalism going on in the army will soon have serious consequences if left to continue. Masanneh Kinteh needs to be stopped before it is too late. This ranges from the flamboyant lifestyle he has started making him living larger than the president himself. He has started poking his filthy nose on all areas of the Army to corruptly enrich himself. No wonder that he will never touch the finance department of the Army because the senior officers there are his accomplices in his never ending requests for money. Even the local vendors know his greediness. This include food and meat vendors of whose relationship with him will be exposed in my next edition.

I want him to know that all his nefarious activities are documented and one day he will be held accountable. Trust me this CDS has already embezzled over half a million dalasi during this short period. I wonder how much he will spend if he is to serve us for two years.  He is every day sending his orderlies to collect food items from the central stores in Yundum and private shops who normally serve as vendors for the army. He is collecting bulls for his personal consumption and for programs in his home village of Sankuya in Jarra. 

Coming to his tribal attitude, he is only reinstating his cronies and fellow mandinkas and not vetting the nature of the crimes that led to their dismissal. All former mandinka soldiers and officers accused of committing crimes are back to the system and their fellow accomplices who are Jolas or Fulani of the same criminal record not considered. A good example is Bala Musa and ML Bah, who were caught on armed robbery allegations. Bala is reinstated and ML is not even called as of today. Look at Musa Sarr who have sacrificed his prime life in forcefully removing the Jammeh dictatorship. He is very frustrated whilst those who never tried it and instead full time enablers now acting as the biggest surrogates laughing at them. I will come back in coming days with more revelations.

Another bigger threat is former CDS Ousman Bargie. He was bitterly complaining today at the headquarters that the Senegalese should not have sent their troops at Bajagarr in Foni. He said that if they want to try and fight the rebels from within the Gambian territory, they the Jolas will go and join the rebels and defend their own tribesmen. He said he has advised the current CDS about it. Senegal should never trust Masanneh, as he is purely anti wollof and will always try to get them out of the country anytime they help secure the country.

All efforts should be made to stop him as he never keeps a promise if anyone tells you that the country is safe is a big lie. The army is highly polarized between the Jammeh loyalists who consist of 70 percent and the few mandinkas. It has reached near explosion and very soon you will see what will happen. Masanneh has no time to stem the current trend going on or try to restructure the army but his personal interest.


Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of  the author. The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. CDS Kinteh could not be reached for his own side of the story. Thanks for your attention Gambia.

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