There is a growing doubt and discontent about our government’s capability, they lost the national unity of purpose and lack the confidence and the ability to govern. What we are seeing is a system of government incapable of meaningful actions which signifies the essence for change and of our hopes and aspirations, they lack the wisdom to propel the basic agendas of our national needs and things which are crucial to us. 

By all indications, people are so turned-off, the apathetic electorates (58%) that did not vote in the parliamentary elections is an indicative of an increasing discontent, discouragement and frustration among the people towards the government. It is widely believed, that when it comes to governance and national concerns, president Barrow is hopeless and out of touch, our country needs a president who is visionary or forward looking, one who is not isolated from the people, one who feels our pain and shares our dream, and most importantly; draws his strength and wisdom from us the people..

We were all happy when we triumph over the APRC government, thinking that; we are well on the road to real prosperity, change and progress but the happiness, the faith, the confidence and the trust in our government was short lived, the believe had been betrayed and our dream of a prosperous country shattered and let down.

All those who advocated and voted against APRC are part of the great movement for change, development, equal opportunity, good governance, civil liberty and democracy, we were all involved in the fight against dictatorship, that believe had strengthen us in our purpose to oust Jammeh electorally. 

It is clearly evident, that there is a growing frustration and disrespect for government, although, the presidency must be respected as a place of honor. But the leader is making such actions justifiable.

In conclusion, a lot of Gambians have being compelled to conclude, that the government doesn’t have the right visions, the right restrains  and the right leadership to move and meet the material needs of our country, with all the reasons outlined, there is a natural inclination to be turned-off.

Thank you..


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