Good morning Mr. President,

Mr. President now that the electioneering dust has settled and your cabinet near completion except for the VP slot, we the people want to know what to expect from your government.

Mr. President you will agree that addressing the human rights crimes of the past regime alone cannot bring us bread and butter on the table for the upkeep of our families. In fact Hon Mai Fatty and Hon Ba Tambedou are doing a good job in addressing these right issues and we encourage them to continue.

However Mr. President we are keenly awaiting your government to address and inform the people about the economic and financial crimes perpetrated by Ex-President Yaya Jammeh and his partners in business. We are yet to hear any news from the Finance ministry and or the Trade ministry or any other ministry telling us about investigations going on, or findings thereof if any, about the economic crimes of the past regime. What is going on sir?

We all know that the former president was a businessman full time and competing the private sector. As such we the citizens want to know his past and present business activities, the nature and volume of the businesses and the management involvement of his business partners. Jammeh was first and foremost an economic predator whose only aim was to get rich by all means necessary.

We also want to know if his businesses were paying taxes if not the scope of the taxes, duties, VAT and customs duties evasions comprising an economic lost to the country. We also want to know the level of financial damages caused at the level of the GPA, SSHFC, Gamtel, GCCA and NAWEC? Are you investigating these issues?

Mr. President keeping quiet on the economic crimes of the past president will give credence to rumors that some of your government officials are benefitting from Jammeh’s left over businesses and assets. It is therefor important to inform the general public about what is going on with Jammeh’s businesses as all of them are still operating and no one knows on whose behalf.

Mr. President we are yet to hear anything about the setting up of commissions of enquiries on the financial activities of the past regime. We expect commissions to be set up on economic crimes in addition to the human rights crimes.

Mr. President you chose and demanded to be elected president of the republic.

Running a presidency will take all of your time. You will have to read a lot. You will take lots of decisions. The task ahead is monumental, arduous, tedious and most of the time unpleasant. A president should be the hardest worker of any country spending minimum 12 hours a day working on behalf of the people you demanded to serve. Anyone who tells you relax we will take care of it is serving himself and not you or the nation. You need to scrutinize, analyze and decide for yourself.

Tomorrow only you will take full responsibility before the citizens and GOD.

The presidency is not about politics and appointments only it is mostly and more importantly about addressing the economic, financial, social and infrastructural issues of the country. We are yet to hear anything about these issues.

Have a good day Sir.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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