Gambia: Impunity, mysterious revenge awaits KM & LRR regions ahead on congress


Impunity, mysterious revenge awaits KM & LRR regions ahead on congress

By Buba Jallow, 22 March, 2017

The GFF through its presidency and alies are indirectly  taking their grief against KM & LRR regions  executives. Information coming from the Gambia Football house still finds it hard to accept the eyebrows raised by the two regions on accountability & transparency when the KM coupled with LRR regarding the budget review of the December 31st annual AGM.

The quest & objective of the kabba camp is to install , elect their own representative to be a Yes boss , yes oga and that coup will hinder a new Gambia where we have to know where the tax payers money is going to when football is concerned.

Kabba was seen in Banjul’s congress , a move which is wrong depending if he was an invitee or supervisor but I thing his presence has influence the outcome of the results .

Don’t be fooled by these so call football development across the Gambia, if clubs aren’t paying players even D1000 per month or referees having full kits …what development are you preaching ?

The Kabba administration and allies are idea bankrupt because every move was put in place by the kebbeh regime lol “When someone plants coffee today and another one comes in at a harvesting time, whom do we credit?”

The Kabba camp is campaigning indirect to remove PACO from the KM executive presidency. Club repsentatives, stakeholders open your eyes and support the truth….The zones needs you….

No to football politics
No to kabba camp interference with our regions
The truth shall set us free…

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