Gambia: Is the GFF-KM football stand-off a political witch hunt?


Is the GFF-KM football stand-off a political witch hunt?

The KM 3rd division has just played 2 games when GFF abruptly. The football federation has sighted to interfere with the KM 3rd division administration. A 16 team league was extended to 17 were the KM accommodated one slot from Bakau which doesn’t go well with the Bakau committe who in return reported the matter to the federation. The first stand-off from the federation gave the referee association notice not to referee any KM match in retaliation to that the KM executive stopped the Gamtel vs Samger match at the serrekunda east stadium because the fields belong to them.

Its a pity that the GFF executives haven’t learned from the letter which LRRFA reminded them regional constitution belong to the region and therefore should not subject to any dictations. Although the role of the federation through its presidency is to supervise, support and oversee but notwithstanding remain independent when dealing with regional affairs. Since November, 16 teams have been training only to play 2 games, the Ramadan is fast approaching and Nawettan games aswel. How long shall we deprive footballers from playing football? The beneficiaries which is the footballers Should be bigger than us. I find it hypocritical and least disappointed that the FA president attended a congress in CRR,while the 3rd division is at haul. Mustapha Kebbeh once told me “its only a coward who fears to entertain or hide his agendas from the stakeholders.

Therefore I see football as means where everybody can contribute and be given equal opportunity. The delegation which went to CRR plus the manpower could have been used wisely, to resolve the standoff in KM region, but the KM executive engagement where all given a deaf ear Which is quiet unethical, the federations only resolution to this problem is to push the KM executives to congress. Previous stand-off in Kenya and Sierra Leone only delayed time, football should give the youths hope and provide them the opportunity to showcase life skills but such stand-off cannot be seen as providing football development .

The death of Hamidou Badjie shows that football is losing its meaning among the youths any kind of government drawing examples of Jammeh regime and the current regime should not be hindered for football to change the life of people, for example looking at Guinea Bissau and Zimbabwe, 2 countries from bad economy and dictorial rule made it to the African Cup of nations, therefore we cannot rely on government to produce results, rather we should make our own opportunity.

By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh

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