It doesn’t look like the family of the late Koro Ceesay, and the November 11th failed coupists, will receive justice any time soon in the case of their murdered loved ones, as the prime suspect associated with the incident Alhagie Kanyi, has been questioned and released by the police about fortnight ago, following a phone call the command received from someone higher up to release the former soldier now turned Immigration officer, sources close to the State House have intimated. Investigators assigned to the case couldn’t comprehend the “special treatment” accorded to the uncle of Masaneh Kinteh, Gambia’s Army Chief of Defense Staff. Mr. Kanyi, who is an Immigration Chief Superintendent attached to the Jarra Soma Immigration Post, was held for three hours amid intense interrogations by detectives. He allegedly mentioned the names of Edward Sighateh, Peter Singhateh, and Yankuba Touray, during the grilling police interview, before he took the detectives to the Yundum Barracks, where the remains of Abdoulie Dot Faal, Basiru Barrow, Girbil Saye, and co were buried after the massacre by the former junta, in which he Kanyi, was an active participant in the murder of the former officers.  

Mr. Kanyi, voluntarily turned himself to the police headquarters after he was summoned to report there. He was dressed in a civilian outfit. Sources close to the investigations said Kanyi, was sweating excessively while being sited at a police interrogation conference room. He briefly cooperated with the detectives, before someone higher up in the Barrow government phoned the police command to ask the investigators to suspend the investigations.

Mr. Kanyi, was subsequently given a ride to Soma, while on board an unnumbered luxurious truck. He has since resumed work.

Mr. Kanyi’s invitation to the police, followed numerous complaints filed against him by the families of the November 11th failed coup and that of the late Koro Ceesay, Gambia’s former Finance Minister. Even though Kanyi, has admitted taking part in some of the alleged murders, he was cleared by the police to return to work.

In the case of the NIA 9 case, Yankuba Badjie and co, were arrested and detained indefinitely. They were also slammed with murder charges. Alhagie Kayi, is yet to be charged or suspended from work. 

Clearly, there is selective justice in the Gambia. Similar accusations have been filed against Kanyi, and yet he has been released from police custody. Detectives handling the case couldn’t fathom the level of selective justice accorded to a man, who has been named in so many disappearances and murders in the Gambia. Jungullar Malick Jatta has been detained on similar allegations, but Kanyi, has been allowed to return to work. We will get to Malick’s case in a subsequent publication. 

Freedom Newspaper investigations have unveiled that Alhagie Kanyi and CDS Mansaneh Kinteh, are from the same village Jarra Sankuya. Mr. Kanyi is said to be an uncle to Masaneh Kinteh.

Mr. Kanyi, a former recruit drill instructor at the Farafenni army barracks, was the one, who encouraged Masanneh to join the army. Mr. Kinteh, was a former teacher. Kanyi, played a pivotal role towards his military career.

It is not clear if Masaneh Kinteh, interfered with the police investigations, but sources said the Inspector General of police was instructed to ask his detectives to let go Alhagie Kanyi.

The police spokesman could not be reached for immediate comment at press time. 


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