One of the detained former Jammeh assassin members Malic Jatta, has been cooperating with detectives to unveil some of the killings perpetrated under Jammeh’s watch, and the secret graves in Kanilai, and elsewhere across the country, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jatta, who hails from Tujereng, has confessed to taking part in the murder journalist Deyda Hydara, the murder of the over 44 Ghanaians on Gambian soil, and dozens of other massacres orchestrated by the former Gambian despot. Mr. Jatta, is believed to be held at the Yundum Barracks.

According to sources close to the Major Crimes Division of the police force, Mr. Jatta, has never hesitated to volunteering information on some of the killings he witnessed or participated.

“Malick Jatta, has been revealing a lot of information to the investigators. He has admitted taking part in the murder of Deyda Hydara. He has also unveiled some information that few people in this country are privy to. He is really cooperating. Thanks to Malick Jatta, some of the secret graves in Kanilai, Jammeh’s home villa was known. There are guards posted at the said secret graves to protect the area,” said our source.

Malick’s revelations on the massacre of the Ghanaian nationals will no doubt shake Ghana, the Gambia, and West Africa, as a sub-region, said our source. He has presented an accurate picture about what transpired on the day in question, our source added. The family of Deyda Hydara, will finally get to hear from the killer(s) of their loved ones, once the investigations are completed, our source intimated. 

At the time of the Massacre of the Ghanaian sailors, who were  mistaken as rebels, Police Commissioner Pa Amadi Jallow, now a United Nations Peacekeeper in Darfur, was the Crime Management Coordination of the police, our source further intimated.

“Pa Amadi Jallow, AKA Pa Jallow, now serving at the UN in Darfur was the CMC at the time. I remember Pa Jallow telling us during a police briefing that the Ghanaians were killed. He was later moved from the CMC Division of the Force. Hence, which led to his subsequent long sojourn UN peacekeeping mission in Darfur. He is one of the longest serving officers at the UN. He is still with the force.,” said our source.

“Pa Jallow is seemingly currying favors from the new government. His online banter is all geared towards lobbying for the position of IGP.  He is not in good terms with Abdoulie Sanyang. That I can tell you. He is in the good books of IGP Sonko, Aziz Bojang and co. Today, the most powerful man in the force is ASP Kanteh. He is Barrow’s right hand. He is very close to  Adama Barrow and Ousainou Darboe. From the IGP, to  the last man in that office, worships Kanteh. He is some sort of General Saul Badjie during Jammeh’s rule. Kanteh is very powerful,” said our source. 

The Gambian government then under the leadership of dictator Yahya Jammeh, claimed that the Ghanaians allegedly drowned on the coastal village of Brufut. It even offered monetary compensation to some of the bereaved families, when pressure was mounted on the Ghanaian government for an investigation to be mounted on the demise of their loved ones in the Gambia.

The UN sent its investigators to Banjul to probe into the alleged incident, when Ensa Badjie, was the Inspector General of police. Some of the station diaries were tampered with in an attempt to mislead and defeat the outcome of the UN investigations.

Now Malick Jatta, one of the former jungullars, who had taken part in the extermination of the Ghanaian sailors has dropped a bombshell at the police. Jatta’s revelations will shock the world. Just watch!


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