Government’s business is people’s business, I unequivocally welcome the development and rejoicing in hope as good moves are being  vigorously pursuit to help curtail the prices of basic commodities, this is a good step in the right direction. I’ll salute our government for lifting the ban on the importation of onions and potatoes, this move will encourage competition among businesses, giving consumers a vantage and ample avenue of options and choices, and will equally give businesses an opportunity to import such commodities to broaden their stock capacity and have their businesses up and running.

In a similar vain, the import duty on flour is been cut more than half; from 47% to 20%, this is a welcome move, and I hope the tax cut will permeate to have a direct correlation to the prices of consumable goods from which flour is made, bread as a staple food necessary for sustaining life will not be an exemption. These moves are commendable and I hope similar actions will be pursued to meet the material needs of the masses.  

Good as this moves are,may I emphasize, it isn’t enough, I challenge our government to continue pursuing policies and programs which are necessary and dear to the hearts and minds of the Gambian people, I strongly recommend the case for government interventions when necessary, to steer effective controls to bring supply and demand in a better balance, this will be a superb governmental action to better represent the interest, welfare and well being of the people against exploitation. 

We voted for change to earn the trust and confidence of our government to make superb goodwill polices beneficial to the Gambians, by such developments, people will soon begin to have a sober satisfaction in the direction that our country is heading, what Gambians need as at present is an atmosphere of rising hopes and to  secure the fruits of the political change which has been betrayed from within and exploited by those with special capacity.

I hope, obsolete and mean polices adopted by the previous government especially banning the use of plastic bags will be lifted, and call termination fees to be revisited to better make calls to Gambia cheaper and affordable.

Written By Samba P Jallow

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