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Something interesting is happening in Serrekunda General Hospital situated in Kanifing. It all started when the hospital public relation officer (PRO) Mr. Alieu D. Badjie travelled to USA some are saying for Holiday while others are saying he would not come back.    But then people hear that Modou Njie who is a radiology assistant and the so-called head of Radiology unit was made as the PRO. The staff were shock to hear such news.

People cannot believe how come Modou Njie could be made our PRO.  He is one person who has issue with almost everyone in the hospital. He malices with staff in all sectors; doctors, nurses, orderlies, securities and some of the staff in radiology unit. So the question everyone is asking is how come Modou Njie is made the PRO? Is Mr. Saidou Beyai the CEO of the hospital not aware of Modou Njie’s relationship with staffs and his attitude at work? People are not happy at all for Modou Njie to be our PRO. He is not like Mr. Badjie who is gentle man and gets along with everyone.

One other thing about Modou Njie is he is being accused of stealing lot a money from the hospital from his department. He do the CT scan for patients and he is accused of not giving most those patients receipt especially patients from private health facilities each of who pay four thousand dalasis (D4000). Modou Njie usually pockets this monies. The hospital patients each pay D2000.  He also do other dubious activities at radiology cheating the hospital of money.  We hear for so many occasions doctors complained about this to the former CEO Mr. Baba Njie and present one Mr. Beyai but no action was taken. People have been wondering if Modou Njie is conniving with some people at the administration in stealing money from the hospital.

So people are happy when we hear that Dr. Kebba Bojang of Medical department write to the CEO protesting about Modou Njie being made our PRO and calling for the cancellation of this action. Attached is the copy of his letter. When this letter reached the CEO, an emergency Senior Management Team meeting was called. We are yet to know what decision was made. But we are all waiting to see what decision the CEO Beyai is going to take. Majority of the people in the hospital are not happy Modou Njie being our PRO.

Written By An Insider 

Editors note: The views expressed in the write up are sorely that of the author. It does not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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